Why Artists Trust Us

At Safe House Studio, we believe artists have unique stories that make them who they are. Their story influences their personality and craft in the music world. Safe House Studio is loved and trusted by artists because they aim to make them KINGS and QUEENS in their lane.

Our engineers and producers dedicate their skills and knowledge to making artists the best version of themselves – regardless of where they are coming from! Our services not only involve personal growth but also entails your brand.

We guide artists’ feet on the path to continuous business development to be able to start their journey on the road to stardom. You get to collaborate with a team of committed professionals that care about your growth.

Members Benefit

Embrace the greatness that comes with trusting us! Get access to valuable services at the heart of our studio.

Music Recording

We handle everything from pre-production through recording and sound design to mixing and post-production.

Music Video

Create beautiful visuals for your songs and showcase your idea through audio-visual recording. Work with the best directors to convey your message through engaging, authentic visuals.


A picture is worth more than a thousand words. Create mind-blowing pictures that showcase your identity. Shoot life-long memories through pictorial works of art.

Thai Matina

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Need a QUALITY Sound?

Let’s handle everything from start to finish! Safe House Studios will manage all processes from recording to the production of your unique sound.