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Record, mix, and produce vocal and instrumental performances in a comfortable, well-equipped, and regulated space. Work with our creative staff to develop mind-blowing music sessions and shape ideas into reality.

Your sound deserves the greatest projection and Safe House Studios will provide the channel to convey your ideal and message to the world via sounds.

Work with capable engineers and producers with state-of-the-art facilities in the game to create magic. Get access to and utilize high-end gears and modern recording software for creative development.
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Need a QUALITY Sound?

Let’s handle everything from start to finish! Safe House Studios will manage all processes from recording to the production of your unique sound.

Recording Studios

Maximize our multi-room studio to bring your creativity to life. Get the guidance of talented staff to bring out the best in you and your talents.

Embrace your creativity and create songs with in-depth messages. Let’s make crumbs into pieces of creative geniuses.

Studio C

- Tracking Studio

Record, mix, and produce original songs from scratch. Get inspired, understand the message, and let it flow.

Studio B

- Recording Studio

Give your song the final touch to become a track loved by many. Enhance overall sound and create album consistency.

Studio A

- Mastering Studio


Artists Trust Us

Become one of many artists that trust us to make the most of their creativity. Join a community of artists that are about to change the dynamics of the music industry.

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